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“Jae is a talented, wise and inspiring leader for the next generation. “

Hayley Richardson Co.

Ancient wisdom…with a twist

“Jae is a Warrior. She lives and breathes what she has been called to do – to draw out the purpose of young people by extracting their gold. I have never met someone so devoted to her cause.”

Jess Santosa
Dating and Relationship Coach

“Jae is, with out a doubt, a life-changer and a world-changer.”

Eliza Stubbings
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“What a shining light for our Generation!”

Kate Selv

About me

Hey world changer. I’m Jae. I’m a speaker, leader, guide, teacher and mentor for young people. I’m here to awaken, enlighten and inspire the next generation of conscious game changers. My mission and purpose on this earth is to empower and equip millennials with the skills and confidence they need to make the impact they came here to make, so they can lead our world into a new era of consciousness. I write really… powerful stuff. I am a warrior, healer, sage and indigo child. I battled with darkness, and I chose the light. I’m here to help you do the same. So welcome home angel. Thank you for the beauty, wisdom and light you bestow upon this earth…

…it’s such an honour to change the world alongside you. 

jae x




Sacred Anger

I used to be incredibly volatile. As a teenager I would have random outbursts. I oscillated between unbearable sadness and uncontrollable rage. I went from being on the verge of tears to searing hot flashes of anger in a heartbeat. I was a tsunami of destruction,...

Doubting Yourself? Watch This.

Helping Your Lost Teen Find Their Purpose

For many teenagers, the prospect of getting a job and starting a life of their own can feel a bit like staring into the abyss. Without the right guidance and support, many teens experience anxiety and episodes of depression, often acting out because they don’t know...