“Jae is a talented, wise and inspiring leader for the next generation. “

Hayley Richardson Co.

“Jae is a Warrior. She lives and breathes what she has been called to do – to draw out the purpose of young people by extracting their gold. I have never met someone so devoted to her cause.”

Jess Santosa
Dating and Relationship Coach

“Jae is, with out a doubt, a life-changer and a world-changer.”

Eliza Stubbings
CEO Boss Babe, Copper Fork Cakes


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About me

Hey world changer. I’m Jae. I’m a speaker, leader, guide, teacher and mentor for young people. I’m here to awaken, enlighten and inspire the next generation of conscious game changers. My mission and purpose on this earth is to empower and equip millennials with the skills and confidence they need to make the impact they came here to make, so they can lead our world into a new era of consciousness. I write really… powerful stuff. I am a warrior, healer, sage and indigo child. I battled with darkness, and I chose the light. I’m here to help you do the same. So welcome home angel. Thank you for the beauty, wisdom and light you bestow upon this earth…

…it is such an honour to change the world alongside you. 

Jae x




Do I trigger you?

Do I trigger you? Good. I’m glad. Because whenever I’ve been #triggeredAF by something or some ONE 😉 It’s usually a sign there’s something there for me Something to learn Something to look at Something to heal Because the thing with having a strong emotional response...

Creativity Over Comfort

>>> There comes a time in every woman's life, where she has to choose. Creativity over comfort. Magic over mediocrity. Success over security. Where she has to stand so firmly in what she wants, holding her grandest vision for her life so surely that she becomes...

#DailyJae #Episode32 Life Update! Bipolar, Hawaii & Another New Business?!



This is one of my favourite interviews I've EVER done.  So grateful to have chatted with the beautiful @thelazygirlboss this morning about all things Live and how to get over our fear of showing up Live online.  Going Live on fb and instagram is a BEAUTIFUL tool for...

A love note to sensitive souls

I need a lot more space and time than most people And I’m learning to be okay with that. I remember looking at my mum when I was little, and seeing this woman who was constantly on the go serving others - 24/7 - always available, ready to lend a hand......

Sunsets Over Suburbia

Part One At the start of April this year, I go insane. A series of meltdowns and manic episodes land me back in the psychologists office for the third time in my twenty five years. When I walk out an hour later, I am grappling with a new diagnosis and a subsequent new...



A Glimpse of Heaven

This is the story of the time God spoke to me on my balcony… It was coming towards the end of a Wellbeing Day that I had to re-connect and focus my intentions after a busy couple of weeks. I had been feeling extremely connected to the Universe all day, every step I...

An Act of Rebellion

I know I have a dark side. There is a part of me that is: selfish self-centred egotistical needy lazy spiteful boring petty jealous controlling insecure judgemental irrational and insane There are times when I have allowed one or all of the above character traits to...

When the Clouds Roll in

I want to give a massive shoutout to the amazing Sophie Hardcastle and her book Running Like China which inspired this post. In the book, Soph suggests writing a letter to your future self to read during relapses. So when darkness roars across the sky and you want to...