Ready to discover your purpose?

You are worried about the path your teen has taken.

They are going off the rails and you have no idea how to stop it.

Home life is in turmoil; you both go from stone-cold silence to explosions of anger in a heartbeat. Everyone is walking on eggshells and you never know when the next argument is going to erupt.

You can see the pain in their eyes and the sadness behind their anger. You desperately want to help, but you have no idea how.

You want a positive influence for them, someone (other than you) who can guide them back to themselves.

Someone who understands their experience first hand,

who can help them regain their confidence and grow into the incredible human we both know they can be.

Bottom line; growing up in today’s world is hard.

Young people today face a myriad of challenges heightened by the rise of social media; addiction, disengagement, isolation, lack of purpose, low self esteem and a lack of self confidence.

But with those challenges comes an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and evolve…



“I believe our generation is fully equipped to handle the challenges our world is facing right now, we just need the right environment to fully realise our unique gifts, and bring them into the world.” 

Jae x  

I know because I’ve been there…

I help teens regain their confidence, own their worth, and map out a vision for their future they are excited to follow.

Hi there! I’m Jae.

I grew up in a small coastal near the NSW/QLD border. Throughout my teens and early twenties, I battled anxiety and depression. After finishing school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I moved to the nearest city and enrolled in a journalism degree. After making my way through University in a blur of one night stands and panic attacks, I discovered what I was put on this earth to do.In 2015, I packed up my life and moved to Sydney to become a Life Coach. I’ve spent the last three years coaching hundreds of young people to help them bring their visions to life on the planet.

Today, my life leaves me in awe on the daily. I know who I am and why I’m here and I have accessed a whole new level of peace, security and certainty about my future that I could have only ever dreamed of before.

I still have hard days, and life will ALWAYS be a whirlwind, but I have developed the skills and strategies I need to become a leader in my chosen sphere. Everything I went through was preparing me for who I have become. Nothing makes me happier than using the wisdom of my experience to help those coming up the path behind me. Because if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that…

We are here for a reason…

Nothing makes me happier than using the wisdom of my experience to be a light at the end of the tunnel for teenagers struggling with mental illness*, self-esteem and body image issues.

*If your teen has been diagnosed with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder) my mentoring package has been proven to work amazingly well in addition to psychological support.


Nothing but love for miss Jae once again!! This girl is amazing!!! Our first session together was full of inspiration, encouragement and self-empowerment.

I can’t help but feel that she really understands me and so effortlessly manages to articulate in words what I’m feeling down deep in my Soul. She helped me gain clarity around areas of my life I wanted to focus and improve upon, and gave me a sense of direction and amazing things to look forward to!

Together we created powerful goals that light me up – and fill me with excitment when I hear them. She gently guided me to create action steps to learn more about myself, and the conversation and session just flowed – it never felt forced, but was simply an authentic, purposeful talk between two friends! 

Another fantastic, soulful experience – thank you Jae! x

Heidi Rose
Heidi Rose Design

H O W  I T  A L L  W O R K S

Your three month series with me includes…

– 1 x weekly 60 minute session* with me over three months

– A pre-coaching questionnaire to help your teen get crystal clear on what they want to achieve

– Access to me via email and text message for extra support in between sessions

*Sessions are held either in person or via Skype – I spend my time between the Gold Coast, Sydney + Perth, LA, New York and Bali.

“There are so many things in my life of which I am unsure but here are some things I know for sure; Working with Jae is life changing. It is so worthwhile and it is so much fun. If you’re looking for a sign to go for it, please let this be it. You’ll be here in three months wondering how you could possibly sum up the magic of coaching with Jae.”

Tallulah Frost


Together, we cover the emotional and interpersonal skills that aren’t taught at school including:

  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • Implementing emotional boundaries
  • Balancing work, study and a social life
  • Conscious communication
  • Building self trust and cultivating self confidence


From the very first moment I came across Jae online a few years ago I felt instantly inspired! Her mind is complete & utter MAGIC, and I thank her with all my being for guiding me through my fear, and helping me understand what I truly wanted to achieve.

Amber Booler

Creative coach,

Your investment:

One upfront payment x 899*


3 x monthly payments 349

*Low income families may be eligible for financial support. Email me about scholarship positions.

Act without hesitation. Jae is relentlessly supportive, caring and directive. Show up for you yourself and you will be rewarded in more ways than you thought possible.

Ruckus Lucas

Life Coach, Avid Life Coaching

“I find myself wondering what the world would look like if every young person did six sessions with Jae; imagine the potential, the drive, the power of the next generation.”

Eliza, Copper Fork Cakes 


Best. Investment. Ever!!! Jae you are just so judgement-free and no wonder people feel so safe and accepted with you. You held such a bias-free mirror for me to hear myself, and I wish everyone could understand that although not every person or thing is ‘for you’, every single human being is for themselves and Jae gives you the CLEAREST voice and mirror of yourself! Jae can see and read and pick up on things that you weren’t even aware of and she always seems to see, feel and think a step ahead, to the point where looking forward it’s like “Oh thats exciting!” and looking back it’s like “OH!!! Jae chose that on purpose, she could see it all along!!”

Laura Betts


You are WORTHY! Start yesterday! Don’t waste another second! Jae comes to people when she is supposed to and her presence and energy is so unique. She is knowledgeable, wise and realistic. I was supported in doing things exactly as I wanted to, and when she could see a better, more efficient and realistic way – she gently nudged me there as though I had done it myself. I honestly cannot shut up about her, and know that anyone would benefit from a bath in her glory.

Bonnie Hook

Yoga teacher, mentor for teen girls

If you believe mentoring would be helpful for your teenager, please fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch within three business days.