What Am I Doing With My Life?

Find your purpose, follow your passion.

A step by step guide to discovering your purpose.

The transition from school into the ‘Real World’ is an incredibly tumultuous time for most of us. The prospect of getting a job and starting a life of your own can feel a bit like staring into the abyss. Everyone is ready to give you their opinion about what your life should look like, but no-one is willing to give you the support you need to find out what YOU want to do.

Well here it is.

Uncover your strengths, tap into your hearts deepest desires, and transform your anxiety about the future into a butterflies-in-your-stomach excitement about stepping into the life you were born to live.

By taking you on a step-by-step journey of self discovery, this book is designed to shift your thinking, uncover your strengths, tap into your hearts deepest desires and create a wholly satisfying career you adore.

 It will leave you brimming with answers about who you are and what you want and a newfound positivity that will make you freaking excited to jump into your future.

I know because I’ve been there…

About Me

I got to the fourth year of a degree I hated before I realised what I was put on this earth to do.

After excelling in school, I was getting average marks at university and could never seem to find the motivation to study. I knew I had an incredible purpose, but I was beginning to doubt I would ever find it. I planned to stick out my journalism degree and hopefully find my way into the workforce in any job I could get. The idea of a 9-5 job made me sick to my stomach but all the voices I was hearing told me that success equaled hard work and struggle and I would just have to deal with it.

Inevitably, this way of thinking lead me to develop anxiety and depression. I had panic attacks and days where I couldn’t get out of bed. I was terrified that I would wake up in ten years in a job that I hated but I had no idea how to stop it happening.

I realised that the first step to figuring out what you want to do is ask yourself how you can use what you have to help others. From there, I spent every waking moment researching education models, career pathways and studying the different roads to success of the most inspirational and influential people in our world today.

What I discovered completely changed my world, and I knew I had to share it.

Today, I’m a speaker, writer and life coach with an insatiable passion for helping young people, exactly like you, find their purpose. I absolutely LOVE sharing the knowledge of my experience to help young people find out what lights them up and empower them with the strength to pursue their passion relentlessly.

Initially inspired by a TedTalk from the ineffable Ken Robinson, this eBook is designed to bridge the gap for students coming out of an education system that uses standardised testing to grade them based on one conception of academic ability, into a tertiary landscape that doesn’t always prepare them for the realities of a rapidly changing workforce.  My hope is to inspire more students to think creatively when choosing a career, rather than trying to pigeonhole their skills and interests into an existing job in the marketplace. It is my deepest hope that by encouraging the creative use of their natural gifts combined with a keen interest in social enterprise, we will see a new generation of entrepreneurs blazing new trails, starting conscious companies and innovating in their chosen industries.

Jae x