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Jae played a big role in my decision to become a life coach. Seeing and feeling how passionate and confident she was about coaching, I knew I wanted the same training as her and it was obvious for me to sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy through her – and let me tell you I have not regretted it one second. She embodies everything we learned in the academy and thanks to her, I felt encouraged and gained the confidence to be a life coach myself. Jae is a great role model, her style is very gentle yet transforming. If you are thinking about signing up to BYCA through Jae and getting the benefit of being coached by her, go for it, you won’t regret it!

Janina Grueger


I was thinking of becoming a Life Coach and when I came across The Beautiful You website it just pulled me right in, I knew this was the one. I saw Jae & just resonated with her beautiful smiling face. I decided to take the plunge & give her a call. She was very helpful but NOT pushy & in fact I wasn’t to go ahead with this until some 12 months later and not once did Jae harass or bother me. I still felt a pull so contacted Jae again & after many conversations, the next thing I knew I was signed up to become a Beautiful You life coach!

Jae is delightful and made everything easy, she is very encouraging and there is no BS about her which really suits me as I like everything to be upfront & honest. Nothing was ever a problem for Jae & she never once made me feel as if I was annoying her & believe me, I had lots of questions. If you are thinking of becoming a Life Coach, I highly recommend reaching out to Jae you will not be disappointed.

Jeanette Buchanan
Life Coach for Me

Beautiful Bonuses

Sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and receive a BONUS three month coaching series with me,

included in your tuition.

PLUS 1:1 support and monthly mentoring with me, throughout the duration of your course.


*Please note, in order to be eligible for my Beautiful You Bonuses, you must click the link below before enrolling in the course.

I love inspiring other women and helping them discover more about themselves, which is why I wanted to become a coach. It’s also why I wanted to be a client – so I could learn more about myself and cultivate a beautiful relationship with me.

My relationship with myself has changed completely – I am so much more loving, kind and gentle towards myself. I’ve stopped beating myself up over little things, feeling guilty and judging myself when I don’t achieve the things I want.

I’m also happier around other people; as I feel more free to be my authentic self. Before my coaching series I was too scared to even tell anyone that I was studying to become a life coach, so actually putting it out there shows me how much I’ve changed.

Heidi Rose


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