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IMAGES: Sophie Hardcastle

Where are you CREATING problems for yourself because if you don’t you’re afraid you’ll have nothing to “work out”?

This is just for you guys this morning (for now)

While I wrap my head around the bigness of this

Where are you CREATING shit that doesn’t exist, just because you want something to fret about

Where are you making things bigger than they need to be, magnifying your dramas, because you don’t believe you are worthy of it being ALL good, ALL the time

Life has ups and downs, ebs and flows

But where are you making it harder than it needs to be

Where are you fixating on small problems

Indulging in false fantasies

Just so you have something to “fix”

Or obsess over

Where are you holding on

When you could, realistically, just let go?

Our brains are funny creatures, they’ll do whatever they need to focus on SOMETHING

But it’s up to US to decide, if we’re doing an upward trajectory

Or a downward spiral

If we’re holding on for the sake of holding on

Or we could – really – just let go…

We are worthy of it all being good

We are worthy of it all going well

We are ALLOWEDDDDD to have zero real problems in our health, relationships and bank account

All at once

Where are you making it harder than it needs to be?

Where could you make it even easier than it’s ever been?

Where can you stop making yourself wrong?

And where can you revel, accept and rejoice in the fact, that right now, everything, is actually ALL-right?