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No babe, stop.

One of the most common things I hear as a coach (and now network marketer) from hundreds of clients who have a dream to start something incredible; especially in the online health and wellness space…

Whether it be as a mindset coach, healer, naturopath or some kind of leader

is this fear that,

“There are already too many people in what I want to do…”

It’s usually something along the lines of, “The industry’s crowded”

“How will I ever make a difference? Aren’t there already enough people online doing what I want to do?”

And I always respond, with a different version of this same thing; Every. Single. Time.

“Babe, that’s just your ego talking”

You know what I say when I hear another woman’s story, about wanting to become a life coach or a healer or a midwife, lifestyle blogger or online business owner??

I thank God 🙏🏼


Thank God there are more of us, entering into this space

Thank God, I don’t have to do this work alone

Thank God, another one of Gods incredible creations, has awakened to her Divine purpose on this planet

Thank God, another life has broken free from the bullshit constraints of societal pressure that say we have to do x, y and z in order to be successful

And thank you God, that there is another human being out there following the purpose placed on their Soul

I GET how hard it is to stay in your own lane (believe me)

Especially when there are so many people doing something similar to what you want to do…

But what I know for SURE, is that

If you’re called to it, there is a place for you

If you’re called to this space, there is a path that has been designed for YOU

A unique spotlight that God wants YOU to stand in, a story that only YOU can walk out

And no one else

There are more and more women waking up to the purpose written on their hearts than ever before

That is something to be cherished, never resented

Women who in past lives were healers, leaders, light workers, witches; all of the above

We will not change the world on a political level, on a state level, or even an environmental level

Until we have first changed OURSELVES

On a cellular level

Until we have all taken the steps necessary to heal the wounds of our childhood

And come back to the remembrance of who we really are

Then – and only then – can our justice system change and our schools change and our prisons change, and our world change,


Because our consciousness has changed

So the next time, beautiful, you find yourself getting caught up the comparison trap

Or wondering why her journey looks different to yours…

Come back to the Truth written on YOUR heart

Are you called to this, or are you not?

Are you ready for this? Or are you not?

Do you want this? Or do you not?

That’s all you ever need answered

There is a path for you, there are enough people for you

There are truths only you can deliver,

And hearts, minds and Souls only you can save

Keep going

All my love,