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If only you knew…

If you KNEW the number of people you were about to help

The hearts you were about to awaken, enlighten and inspire

If you knew who would be activated, set free, and lifted up…

by the work you do in the world

The light you give

The sparks you shine

You would never EVER question your worth or your ability again

If you could SEE the facebook messages you’re about to get,

The POTENTIAL you’re about to unlock

The ideas you’re about to inspire

If you could catch a glimpse…

Of the accolades you’re going to receive

The skill with which you’re going to serve

If you KNEW, the lives who would be radically transformed by your power

And all the people you’ll heal – just by being yourself.

You would never again cower in fear

Play out your insecurities

Or stay stuck in self doubt.

If you KNEW who and what and was waiting for you on the other side of that leap of faith,

You would never EVER stop yourself from stepping out

You’ve got this my love

All my love,


#EarthAngels #Nowyouknow