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When you get somewhere 5 minutes early and have time to wait and catch your breath?


When you make too much smoothie and the excess spills over the sides?


When you take $60 out for dinner, and only spend $40 of it?


There are more than enough examples of, “more than enough”

You just have to train your brain to SEE them

And UNTIL you train yourself to see them????

(This is the ironic part)

There will NEVER be enough time, money or ANYTHING in the UNIVERSE for you to feel like you have “enough”, of anything

Say it with me now: ‘I have more than enough’

Where are you A L R E A D Y experiencing abundance, in any area of your life?

Abundance is abundance, no matter how small, and no matter what area

And the principles are the same, regardless of where they apply

Find the tiny little examples of more than enough; focus on them, obsess over them, and be grateful for them…

Until they turn into BIG. EXAMPLES

Until trickles of excess, become AVALANCHES of abundance…

What if you could take the same way you think about sex (or whatever you have enough of); and apply it to the way you look at time, or money or energy… (or whatever you want to experience more of)

Where can you take the same F A I T H and experience you have of excess around one thing, and use it to create overflow in another?

Where else, can you revel in surplus, bathe in overflow, or let the plentiful examples of your own “enoughness” spill out and saturate your life?