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Do I trigger you?


I’m glad.

Because whenever I’ve been #triggeredAF by something or some ONE 😉

It’s usually a sign there’s something there for me

Something to learn

Something to look at

Something to heal

Because the thing with having a strong emotional response – whether it’s jealousy, fear or insecurity – WHATEVER…

>>> is that, it’s never about the other person

It’s about what they’re bringing up in you.

Whatever you see in me my love, ALREADY exists in you

(and that’s both good and bad together)

I’m just being a mirror, reflecting back to you all that you don’t wanna see

BUT ALSO – all that you can become

( if that’s what you choose )


If you can see my light , it’s because you have the same

See my JOY?

Yours is bubbling beneath the surface

see my confidence?

Yours is BURIED beneath layers of self doubt

See my ballsy approach to selling and speaking and showing up in the world?

Great. That means your Soul is alerting you to the fact that YOU ARE READY TO DO THE SAME

You cannot recognise what you don’t have

There is no difference

There are no walls

And – BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY – there is enough room for all of us

Do I trigger you?


I wanna trigger you so mother-freaking bad you get off your ass 😉 and build your dream life

I wanna be so bold and speak so loud and shine so bright that I burn the fuck out of all your insecurities

I wanna outshine your shame, dissolve your doubt and light a fire under your fear

Do I trigger you?


Get used to it  😉and then move through it