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>>> There comes a time in every woman’s life, where she has to choose.

Creativity over comfort.

Magic over mediocrity.

Success over security.

Where she has to stand so firmly in what she wants, holding her grandest vision for her life so surely that she becomes incapable of tolerating anything less.

When she realises she would rather stand by herself, than in the presence of someone who doesn’t understand her vision.

Where the frustration of not going after what she wants –

grows stronger than any fleeting desire she ever had for security or comfort.

When she can acknowledge that part of her that craves familiarity – and let it go with grace – cutting away the ties that hold her, one by one…

When she turns down something good, for the promise of something greater.

>>> And honey when that time comes, you have to choose.

Choose, choose and choose again.

Because everything you ever wanted is on the other side of settling …and whatever you’re waiting for will be more worth it than you think